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Submitted on
July 17, 2011


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It's Sunday July 17th and I've got my last B.P.R.D. cover to do. And it needs to go out the door tomorrow. So here's what I need translated as soon as possible.... "Let us burn the evil out" or something that gets that idea across if this doesn't translate well. My computer isn't doing the job and I want it done right. If you're reading this on the 18th then you're too late so don't waste your time. The cover will already be out the door.

So how about it, DA? Any proper russian speakers out there?


Thanks in advance.
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OXOTHUK Jul 17, 2011  Professional Artist
I agree with MAnimeX - we are both so native Russian speakers as it's possible.
So "Выжжем зло!" could be the best variant.

Also I can offer you another, more poetic option - "Let us burn the evil with a hot iron" - "Выжжем зло каленым железом". Hot iron is a very popular metaphor in Russia :)
fritzbulbous Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope I made it in time…..probably didnt but here:

"Давайте выжигать зло огнём!"

translates to - "let us burn out the evil with fire."
this is most applicable variant!
fritzbulbous Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
gatchatom Jul 17, 2011  Professional General Artist
Next time this comes up I'm friends with a few native born Russians. Let me know.
Huwman Jul 17, 2011  Professional
I'm afraid I'm no use to you this time but if you ever need anything translated into Canadian just let me know. Good luck, eh!
does a Canadian translation just mean you add 'eh' to the end of whatever's translated? as well as changing any word with an 'ou' to 'oo'? lol
Huwman Jul 17, 2011  Professional
Essentially, yep, although there are a few finer points like "colour" for "color", "theatre" for "theater", "neighbour" for "neighbor" and so on. Plus a surprising number of completely different words such as "pop" instead or "soda", "eavestroughs" instead of "rain gutters", "serviettes" instead or "napkins", etc.

In Saskatchewan we also call underwear "gotch", hoodies are "bunnyhugs" and chocolate milk is "Vi-co". I'm not making this up.

I think it's still a lot easier than translating from Russian though! ;)
Давайте жечь зло из!
Well if the "burn out" part is essential then the translation will be:

Выжжем зло!

For more dramatic/heroic effect the following version can be used:

Выжжем же зло!
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